Fango Radio

Fango Radio

Fango Radio is a web radio born in Pistoia in 2019.

Its mission is to funnel sinergies between artists and creative people mainly located in the area  around Florence, Prato, Pisa and Pistoia.

The radio is connected to other important cultural entities in Tuscany and involved in several musical, theatrical and art events in Italy.


Web Radio


Pistoia (IT)


Web Design

Custom Server Configuration

Content Management



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FanWe designed the website and provided a custom non-stop music player

The Brief

This project is focused on the possibility to implement radio functions on a website. 

We provided a custom non-stop music player that automatically displays song, title and artist in real time.

We also set up an Icecast streaming server on VPS with a powerful control panel to allow the server management and the radio streaming.

The eterogeneous material provided by participants pushed us in trying to find an almost “transparent” aesthetic that could balance the elegance of many of the proposals with a contemporary pop personality.

The website was conceived to be simple to update and easy to experience.

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