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Feel The Yarn

Feel the Yarn comes from the desire to talk about knitwear trends with the focus squarely on yarns.

A multichannel world always expanding its borders: a magazine, a newsletter, social media, a contest, international events; everything created to provide knitters worldwide with updated information on yarns and trends.


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The Brief

Feel The Yarn is a wide-ranging project that promotes the best Italian yarn companies. Part of a digitalization process taking place within the consortia of the Italian textile industry, it has resulted in the creation of twenty-three infocommerce linked to a main platform.

The website reflects the multiple soul of the project: that of the digital fashion magazine (inspired by the materials chosen by the photographer and art director Elisabetta Scarpini), of hub for new talent (the annual competition involving students from the best European universities and the consortium’s companies), of platform to stay constantly updated on the latest textile news and, most importantly, of main infocommerce for the promotion of next season’s yarn collections.

The site is divided into four main sections or themes that reflect current trends. In the pages of each theme you can see the products chosen by Feel The Yarn that contain the best of the yarn collections of the thirty-nine member companies. Clicking on each product opens a dedicated page with an enlargeable image and yarn details. From here you can access the company’s infocommerce where registered users can request a sample, a cloth or a colour chart, while non-registered users can ask for information.

Within the site there is a filter that allows users to search for products through attributes such as company name, type of material used, certifications, weight, gauge, stock service and other data.

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